FREE WEBINAR with Steven Caulker – Former England, Liverpool, Southampton & Spurs player

Within our partnership with The Vault, we held a live webinar featuring Steven Caulker, former England, Liverpool, Southampton and Spurs player.

The event coincided with the end of the group stages of the European Football Championships. Steven also shared his personal journey with mental health, providing an insightful look into the challenges footballers face both on and off the pitch.

You can watch the recording here.

Key Highlights of the Webinar:

✅ Steven Caulker’s career: An in-depth look at his playing career, his battles with mental health conditions, and his ongoing recovery process.
✅ Mental health in football: Discussing the current state of mental health support in football, from grassroots to the professional level.
✅ The Euros so far: Steven’s insights on the European Football Championships, including standout performances and key moments.
✅ Q&A session: The chance to ask Steven questions and gain insights on football and mental health.