Akula Living to support hospitality clients with not-for-profit face masks

Reward client, Akula Living, which manufactures high quality outdoor furniture for hospitality and leisure companies, is supporting the reopening of the sector by providing face masks on a non-profit basis.

Over the last six months, the company has dedicated 50 percent of the manufacturing capacity, at one of the Group’s upholstery factories, to making face masks for hospitals and care homes. Over the period more than 10 million face masks have been supplied.

With urgent demand declining within the healthcare sector, Akula decided to continue to manufacture the face masks in readiness for restrictions being relaxed within the hospitality and leisure industry.

Recognising that the sector has suffered financially during the lockdown, Akula is providing the 1.5 million face masks, it has built up in stock, at cost with prices starting at just 38p.

Speaking about the initiative CEO of Akula, Tim Appleton, said,

“It is great news that many parts of the hospitality and leisure sector can now reopen in the UK with the correct PPE in place.

“As well as working with some of the world’s leading brands including Marriott, Park Leisure, Hilton, Four Seasons and Sandals, we also work with smaller operators and recognise the financial pressure many will be under.

“We therefore want to do all we can to help companies get back on their feet by providing masks on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis. With around three million employed by the sector in the UK, it represents a vital part of the UK economy, so we are keen to play out part in its recovery.”

Speaking about the initiative, Reward’s Managing Director for Yorkshire & North East, Gemma Wright, said,

“It is great to see another of our clients adapting its business to assist key workers out during the pandemic as well as helping the hospitality sector to operate safely, as it opens its doors to customers.

“It is heartening to see how many businesses, like Akula, have risen to the challenge of helping the country out in its time of need.”