Why Reward?

Our flexible approach is unique in property and SME funding. Whatever your client’s reasons for needing finance, we’ll take a range of factors into consideration and do all we can to arrange a package for them – whether that means using property/business assets, personal assets or both.

Also, we’re very open about our fees, and we don’t have lengthy contracts.

Plus, we’re known for our responsive, personal service – take a look at these success stories to see what our clients think of us.

Working fast for your clients

Completing deals quickly is our standard approach. With business development teams across the country, we can react swiftly to your clients’ needs.

To speed things up, we keep our credit processes simple. Being 100% self-funded is a vital factor in this, as all our credit decisions are internal.

We also have our own legal teams in major law firms, who understand our business and structures perfectly. Most importantly, they understand the needs of our clients.

Introducer commissions

As you know, in some instances, your remuneration in a deal will be a commission payment from us. We’re always very clear about these payments, and agree them with you as we move through the deal process. Also, to protect us both in the transaction, we draw up an introducer agreement for you to approve and sign.

Keeping you up to date

Because we adapt our products according to clients’ needs, it’s important for us to work closely with our network of advisers, updating everyone on deal structures and product details. We want you to have a good working knowledge of the solutions we can develop, so it’s easier for you to spot opportunities to help your customers.

Information about our funding solutions

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How do I become an adviser?

Becoming an adviser for Reward is easy, simply get in touch