Our Principle

We acknowledge and care about our responsibility to the environment. As an organisation, we are taking the necessary steps to steadily reduce our carbon footprint and achieve Net Zero by 2030.

Our Commitments

  • We are working to ensure all of our offices are 100% supplied with energy from renewable sources.
  • We are committed to ensuring that none of the waste produced by our offices will be sent to landfill. We will endeavour that we recycle where possible, with the balance of waste product being converted to energy.
  • We will always look to purchase our supplies from sustainable sources.
  • We ensure that our working, commuting and business travel practices are carried out so as to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our Measures

  • Measure each employee’s CO2 emissions per head on an annual basis to monitor progress to achieving Net Zero by 2030.
  • From the baseline position in 2019 we will aim for a (minimum) target reduction in C02 emissions/head of 5% per year.

Measuring Our Impact

  • We source our promotional items from sustainable organisations– who plant a tree after each order is placed.
  • Reward is proud to announce that not only have we become Carbon Neutral, we have gone one step further and have become Carbon Positive.

Reward Finance Group is Carbon Positive

Reward has become Carbon Positive with the help of Carbon Neutrality specialists Plannet Zero. We have recently measured our organisations Carbon Footprint by calculating the emissions released from our operational activity throughout the year 2019-2020 – this gave us a more realistic baseline, due to the recent financial year being interrupted by Covid-19.

  • Total emissions throughout the year equated to 55.14tCO2e. However, rather than settling for Carbon Neutrality, we have decided to offset 300% of our emissions to achieve Carbon Positive status – based on a team of 31 employees at the time, this works out as 1.78tCO2e per head.
  • Reward has invested in carbon credits from the following projects:
    • Envira Amazonia REDD+ Project, Acre, Brazil which provides 39,301 hectares of protected forest for high conservation value species.
    • Project 4095 : CECIC Zhangbei Gaojialiang Wind Farm which avoids 1,259,646tCO2e worth of fossil fuel derived emissions each year.