Cambridge micro-brewery raises a glass to its relaunch

£1.1m finance deal funds historic pub purchase and provides micro-brewery with catalyst for growth


Marcus Turpin is owner of The Lord Byron Inn and Turpin Breweries in Trumpington.

Funding Requirement

£1.1m funding deal was needed for Marcus to purchase The Lord Byron Inn from Stonegate brewery and relaunch Turpin Breweries after it was heavily impacted during COVID-19.

Finance Solution

The pace and flexibility of funding we provided was key to this deal, as Marcus needed to move fast when the opportunity arose to purchase The Lord Byron Inn.

Marcus started his career as a builder before becoming a publican in 2006 when he acquired a lease for The Lord Byron Inn. Working alongside his father, he expanded the 17th century pub to provide hotel accommodation, events and a restaurant. In 2014, he further grew the business by establishing Turpin Breweries which went on to win several Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) awards. However, the brewery had to be mothballed when the pandemic hit.

Marcus and the team have established a hugely successful business and it has been highly rewarding to help them fund this property purchase and get it over the line within such a tight timeframe.

We’re delighted that our funding will act as a catalyst for growth, providing the springboard for Turpin Breweries to relaunch, overcome the challenges many hospitality businesses faced during the pandemic and no doubt get back to winning more awards.

Becky Hayward, Relationship Manager for Reward Finance Group in the Midlands, said: “I’m really looking forward to working with Marcus and providing ongoing support during what is such a significant growth period for the business. The expansion of the pub and hotel, coupled with the rebirth of the micro-brewery, all points towards an exciting chapter ahead.”


The funding was integral to helping Marcus purchase the pub and relaunch his micro-brewery – providing the catalyst for sustained growth across both businesses.

Client Testimonial

“Having enjoyed over 17 years as publican at the Lord Byron Inn, it’s hugely satisfying to now purchase the property and own the business outright. We’ve built up a fantastic team here and have some exciting plans for the future, from expanding our hotel accommodation facilities through to relaunching Turpin Breweries and putting it back on the map after the difficulties we experienced during the pandemic.

“Given the speed with which we needed to complete the property transaction, we turned to Reward as we needed a lender which understood our needs, has extensive property finance experience and could provide an agile funding solution in a short space of time. It was a relief to secure the finance and work with a funding partner that could help remove the stress out of finalising the purchase.” Marcus Turpin, owner of Turpin Breweries and The Lord Byron Inn