Do businesses believe the Brexit vote should have been delayed?

As Theresa May delays the Brexit vote, as she could not rely on enough MPs voting to accept the deal, how would businesses vote on the proposed plan if they were given the opportunity?

SME funder, Reward Finance Group, which has offices in Leeds and Manchester, conducted its own research among its 3,000 contacts which include banks, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and SME company owners, to find out.

The one question it posed was simple:

“If you were an MP would you back Theresa May’s Brexit deal?”

The results were firmly in the Prime Minister’s favour with 59.9% backing her deal and 40.1% rejecting it.

Commenting on the results, Nick Smith, Reward Finance Group’s Sales & Marketing Director, said,

“It is clear that, with the facts our contacts are currently privy to, the consensus is to press on with the deal to bring an end to the uncertainty of what is going to happen to the UK post Brexit. As has often been reported, many businesses have put a number of decisions on hold until the deal is complete. Delaying the vote is creating even more uncertainty and having a negative effect on the pound and the stock market.

“Naturally opinions may change, as more information is revealed, but it will not alter the fact that businesses just want the matter to be concluded so that they can plan for the future.

“The trouble is that with the vote postponed it does not appear it will be happening any time soon.”