Need cash immediately but think it’s impossible? Well here’s some good news… – by Nick Smith

Despite Alternative Finance being a well-established market, there are still a lot of companies who believe the only way to borrow money is via the traditional high street bank.

These same companies may have been put off approaching banks because they know they will have to fill in loads of forms and, even then, it’s not nailed on that they will get the money after spending time, they don’t really have, ‘jumping through hoops’. It will then take weeks before a decision is made, and it will ultimately be by someone they have never met and who knows little or nothing about their business.

By that time, they may have missed clinching a deal, or an opportunity to buy some much needed equipment. Worse still they may not have been able to access the vital injection of working capital needed to get them through a period when cash was tight.

You’ll be pleased to know there is another way to access finance. Take a look by clicking here.

With Reward Finance Group’s Business Finance, we offer funding from £50,000 to £3 million for up to 24 months.

What’s more, we can provide much greater flexibility and speed of response than the banks. That’s because you will be dealing with the people making the decision, who not only have years of experience working within the financial sector, but also know how a business operates and the various idiosyncrasies in its day-to-day running.

Another major factor that sets us apart is that we are keen to lend and, with our ‘can do’ attitude, will explore every possibility to make it happen.

Our Business Finance loan can be used like a traditional overdraft. We will provide the facility for you to borrow the amount you need and, the good news is, that you only pay interest on the amount you borrow, which is charged monthly in arrears, as opposed to deducting it in advance like some other lenders.

Another advantage is that we only apply arrangement fees on completion, rather than asking for it up front, which means you can use all the money you borrow rather than it being reduced through charges and fees.

Indeed, it is just like dealing with a traditional bank but without the red tape, delays and underwriting restrictions.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where your business needs access to finance, a quick injection of cash, or you need funds over a slightly longer term, don’t be put off by previous experiences with the banks. Get in touch with the team at Reward Finance Group and we will go out of our way to help you.

Take a look at the different companies we have helped across all sectors to drive their businesses forward – here’s a selection of some Reward’s customers. (hyperlink)

For further information you can speak directly with one of our Business Development Directors:

For further information you can speak directly with one of our Business Development Directors: