Reward Finance’s motto is “one size certainly does not fit all” – by Parisa Lian

Having spent my first six months at Reward Finance – where has the time gone? – I thought I would offer my view and insight as to why I believe alternative finance is the future.

Having previously worked at other banking institutions I found it frustrating when assessing a client’s business situation, as you were restricted when offering financial recommendations due to the risk parameters in place.

Strict ‘scorecards’ and restricted lending policies in more conventional financial organisations often resulted in clients being turned away due to heavily regulated lending policies.

Gone are the days of ‘old fashioned banking’ when you could ring your local bank manager and easily request an increase of your current facility.

Reward Finance has filled that gap by offering an alternative mind-set around lending opportunities to support business growth. This has enabled me to work freely within the financial marketplace to seek out opportunities where I can offer assistance to both established and up and coming businesses.

It has been ‘rewarding’ to have been able to offer funding opportunities, outside conventional business lending, to those companies which have come across barriers while trying to finance their growing business.

Reward has certainly introduced me to a common sense lending approach, especially within the business growth sector. The policy we adopt is to offer fast and efficient lending to leverage clients’ existing assets to enable them to get from A to B.

We look to assist companies to futureproof their existing business portfolio by offering insights into the different types of financial deals which will work well for both parties.

Working closely with our in-house risk partners we can ensure from the outset that we have considered all aspects of the deal, including the fact we have offered the right product to meet the client’s needs.

Reward has certainly built a really strong reputation with a proven track record for providing fast and flexible alternative lending within the financial sector. This has helped me to ‘open doors’ with brokers and introducers and has also resulted in existing clients returning for further advances, as their businesses continue to go from strength to strength.

I have also been impressed with the excellent trading practices within Reward, which is due to the reliability we offer, along with the speed and efficiency which is, ultimately, the key for all our clients.

Just six months in, I feel extremely privileged to be part of a growing industry and I am looking forward to continuing to be part of the success Reward has achieved, by supporting growing companies on their financial journey.