Are you sitting comfortably?

Funding the growth of luxury outdoor furniture

If you have stayed in the top hotels, enjoyed yourself on a first-class cruise or attended an upmarket hospitality event, the chances are you will have relaxed on Akula Living’s outdoor furniture.

Global brands including the Marriott, TUI Cruises, the Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina Resort and Jumeirah Beach Hotel, have chosen the luxury outdoor furniture for their guests.

Specialising in the contract market, the Yorkshire company has its own design and manufacturing facility and offices in America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. As well as providing bespoke furniture it also stocks more than 7,000 products from its collections which are ready for global delivery.

Working with materials supplied by leading names such as Sunbrella, Serge Ferarri and Rehau, the furniture is designed to withstand UV, seawater, chlorinated water, extreme temperatures and stand up to the heavy usage expected in the hospitality environment.

These attributes have resulted in huge demand for Akula Living’s luxury outdoor furniture across the world. It therefore needed to step up production to fulfil the orders but needed extra working capital to enable it to do so.

Our Joint Managing Director, Dave Jones, met with the management team, checked out the top-quality furniture and analysed the blue-chip client list. He was very impressed with what he saw and quickly arranged the Business Finance funding to provide the additional funds.

Akula Living’s CEO, Tim Appleton, found our approach refreshing. He said,

“Unlike other lenders, which rely on box ticking, the Reward team really takes time to get to know the business and identify the potential for growth and ongoing success.”