Reward & The Vault: United for mental health in grassroots football

Your passion for grassroots football becomes a catalyst for positive change

In November 2023, we proudly announced our pioneering partnership with the Football Mental Health Alliance (FMHA) and England’s County Football Associations (CFAs) to enhance mental health support in grassroots football.

Central to this collaboration is The Vault, FMHA’s innovative mental health platform. This free resource, developed collaboratively by psychologists, coaches, parents, carers, licensed FIFA Agents and ex-professional players, is dedicated to supporting the mental wellbeing of the football community.

At Reward, our commitment to mental health extends beyond our offices. With a dedicated Wellness Team and our continuous support for partner charities like ANDYSMANCLUB or PAPYRUS, our collaboration with The Vault and the FMHA is a natural extension of our mission to foster mental wellness.

This collaboration is more than just a game, it’s a commitment to supporting mental health in our football community

Thanks to Reward’s financial backing, The Vault will expand its reach, offering expert-led, football-themed resources. These include providing free mental health first aid training, webinars, podcasts, mental health playbooks and insightful articles exploring the connection between mental health and football.

Read the following feature by David Harrop – Reward’s Group Finance Director

What is mental health and what can you do to maintain or improve it? 

Join us in a winning partnership and in building a healthier, stronger grassroots football family

Whether you’re a player, coach, fan, or simply love the sport, together we can score goals not only on the field but also in the lives of those who need our support.

The digital suite provided by The Vault addresses the critical need for mental health support in the football community and represents a significant step forward in this field.

The Vault offers and directs users to specific support services, all designed to encourage open dialogue and foster a positive, supportive culture within grassroots football.

Discover more about The Vault and their contributions to improving mental health in grassroots football here.