Cash raising solutions through asset refinance and secured business loans

Asset Finance

Our Asset Finance Team can raise funds through asset refinance and secured loans, which are secured against multiple assets, including: business critical equipment, plant and machinery, as well as residential and commercial property.

Reward Asset Finance supports UK SMEs and delivers creative deal structures in tight time frames, which allows businesses to inject working capital, consolidate existing debts, improve cashflow and assist with acquisitions, cash-out and restructuring/turnaround scenarios.

The assets can be unencumbered or on finance with other lenders. This means businesses can utilise the equity in their assets to raise funds for a wide range of scenarios while benefiting from full use of the assets.

Our decisions are made by an experienced and commercial team who understand this part of the market, enabling us to serve the under-served, and to raise higher levels of funding than traditional banking routes by leveraging multiple assets, both on and off the balance sheet.

What you need to know

  • Advances from £100k - £5m
  • 12 - 84 month terms available
  • Interest rates from 12% per annum

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